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Art and Design at BIC

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

KS 3

Year 7 are working on their super powers! The power of observation is a vital skill and they have the challenge of recording building features in pencil using perspective. Then fine tuning their studies by adding texture and tone. Feedback is given to everyone when they email a photograph and we then compare and contrast their work to the original study. Here is a study by Saona which shows a good level 5 drawing and observation standard.

Year 8 are working on Animating Art. Optical art exercises are a great way to heighten their understanding about how to apply tone and line to express an illusion of space. Here are 2 examples by Maximo and Arina.

Year 9 are working on their Urban art project. The challenge they are working on is to be creative for a specific audience. Their work grows from designing a mural to suit their own needs to then consider the needs of others by designing for a school and then for the local community. Their extension exercise is to design 3 skateboard designs for each target audience. One free choice for themselves, an educational design for school and an original design for the local tourist to promote life in Spain. Keep watching to see up dates of their ideas as they develop

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