The Benalmádena International College

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The Primary Department

The Primary Department covers Year 1 (age 5) to Year 6 (age 11) following the British National Curriculum.
To obtain the best results from our children, we have modelled the Primary timetable on our Senior school system. This means that from Year 3 upwards, our Primary staff will teach the subjects they have more interest in and enjoy teaching the most. The children will, therefore, be taught by several teachers throughout the day.

The advantages of this system are enormous, allowing the teachers to build a positive relationship with the students throughout their Primary years. When the students enter the Senior school in Year 7, the transition is far less stressful, interacting with the teachers quickly, respectfully and with confidence. This is a win win situation for both students and staff.

The subjects taught in Primary cover a wide range. As in Early Years, all subjects are taught in English, except for Spanish which has an allotted time of 50 minutes each day. French and German is introduced in Year 6. Information Technology, Humanities, Science, Sport, Music and Drama and of course Mathematics and English make up the Primary Curriculum.