The Benalmádena International College

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Early Years Education

At this early stage of life, children need to be aware of new concepts not always found in their home environment. At our College they learn to respect and always address a code of politeness towards their fellow companions. Self discipline and a positive attitude to learning are vital building blocks that all students are taught and they are constantly being reinforced by our experienced teaching staff.

The Early Years department provides an enthusiastic and stimulating atmosphere, involving the children in a variety of subjects. Apart from Numeracy and Literacy lessons, the children are active in Cooking, Sports, Art, Music and Drama productions. Spanish lessons are taught for one period (50 minutes) every afternoon.

As we are a British International school, children tend to pick up other languages from their fellow classmates quickly and effortlessly, bonding new friendships irrespective of their religion or nationality. Many of our students by the age of ten can converse fluently in three or more languages.